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Trio Violin Band in Delhi

Drama Factory brings to you the experience of a lifetime. We bring you the spectacular performance of a trio violin band. Violin is a much appreciated and celebrated instrument. We provide you the satisfaction and excitement of seeing a live trio violin band and that too at the best price.

This Energetic Violinists will entertain your guests with an electric or classical violin and can perform with a DJ for a full stage spectacle. Available to hire, ourevent violinists will perform their highly expressive set with oodles of confidence and will transform your event. Our violinist has an extensive repertoire which ranges from rock and roll anthems such as Live And Let Die to softer more elegant adaptations of other singers. These musicians also write and perform their own energetic music which she can play to a live audience.

Surprise guests at your upcoming event with a unique live music entertainment option by booking this Modern String Trio, three extraordinary live string musicians that play contemporary music with classical instruments.Consisting of three talented and creative live string musicians, this contemporary string trio is formed by three versatile and adaptive violinists. These original artists have joined forces to offer a truly unique musical experience and take your event to a whole new level, creating a fantastic vibe and wonderful music.Our contemporary string trio will captivate listeners of all ages with covers of famous tunes and also with their modern sense of style, which reflects their personality and artistic creativity. A brilliantly diverse contemporary string trio, this group can adapt their set list to suit the tone of your event or your client’s vision.

Contact Drama Factory to book these amazing artists. On top of that, this fantastic string ensemble will amaze both young and older generations with their covers of char-topping songs by artists and DJs like Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, Coldplay or Avicii, to name a few. From sophisticated background music to party tunes, our string ensemble will add another dimension to any event or venue.Ideal for a wide range of celebrations, our live string musicians are an in-demand live music entertainment option for weddings, corporate occasions, product launches, fashion shows, and any other type of special celebration. Whatever the occasion, our string trio will bring a real wow factor to your event. Call us now for making booking at the most affordable prices!

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