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Tango Dance For Events

The South American dance Tango is probably the most exciting dance form in the world. It is a cause of celebration, of love, of excitement and success. It is performed at all events pertaining happiness and prosperity. Tango dance performances in India have increased significantly over the past few years. It is a couple’s dance and includes great dance moves, attracting the gaze of the audience and leaving them asking for more. There are solo variations as well, although rare. Solo dancers have their own charm and a different set of skills.

Drama Factory is the premier artist management company which incorporates all great talents. We have collaborated with great foreign and local tango dancers who have performed in front of thousands of crowds. With a number of great performances under their belt, they know exactly the type of performance you require and strive to deliver just that. Our tango dancers are highly affordable and professional and can take care of any untoward happenings.

Drama Factory has an experience team of event managers taking care of all the matters related t the event- from the event setup to taking care of the performance. We ensure the transportation and logistics of the event as well. You need not worry about anything, since we will handle everything for you. Our artist is very versatile. The combine the best of Tango Argentino, Tango Escenario, Tango Nuevo & Milonga. They are elegant, charming and sensual with each of her movements. They have an intense chemistry on stage, dancing each number with a passionate and breath-taking interpretation completed with an exceptional technique full ofintricate and amazing movements.These two Spanish artists bring an exquisite costume design and the best selection of Tango music as the final touch for an unforgettable performance. Our artists are recognized for their versatility of dance styles, excellent technique and stage presence.

Contact us today for an amazing Tango performance. We offer great discounts on early booking. Whether it is a corporate party, a romantic wedding or a live performance, tango dancers are a great addition to your event.

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