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Speed O Chef

Speed O Chef is a great way to serve and entertain guests. It has become quite the norm in many weddings and private events. We provide well trained and experienced Speed O Chefs who are good at servicing a wide range of guests. They are known all over the world for their quick service and attractive looks.

Drama Factory provides high quality and well-known performers for satisfaction of our guests. Speed O Chef has become one of the most used and seen hospitality feature availed by people. Speed O Chef can be observed in the events like weddings. They are very commonly found in different events as well. They are highly professional girls who are always available with the dishes to be served at the events.

The Speed O Chef is a fine looking, gorgeous, and highly talented girl who is always on her feet to serve the guests at the different event parties. They are most commonly found in the marriages in India. They are purposely named as Speed O Chef because of the speed feature attached with the service. These are the very good chefs who come and serve really hot dishes to the guests. This feature of speed is highly useful in serving hot and freshly cooked dishes to the guests and is well appreciated.

We provide performers who are highly experienced and trained to serve the guests at such events with high form of professional etiquettes and manners. There is a highly efficient team attached with these chefs that deliver and serve hot food to the guests. You may hire these artists associated with us with great ease. There is also a provision of appointing international or national staff in doing this work. It depends on the clients and his or her requirements. Therefore, it can be considered as the most convenient way to serve freshly made food to the guests. The speed of these chefs has to be credited in the way they serve the food keeping in mind the time and the freshness. They roam around the whole event venue wearing great attire and look the part of a chef. With a broad smile on their face, they look extremely sophisticated and attractive. Contact Drama Factory for the best performers at the most affordable price. We are always here to serve you!

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