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Quick Change Act in India

Ever wanted to see something out of this world which can leave you dazzled. Something that would make you remember the event for a long time. Drama Factory brings you a great event which leaves no turns unturned in making you fascinated with what’s going on stage.

The quick-changeact performers can go from one outfit to another in the blink of an eye and the wonderful routine will leave you wondering how it is done.The professional entertainers have many yearsof experience providing exhilarating quick-change dance acts all over the world. They have devised completely stunning quick-change dance routines with a fantastic array of bold and colourful dresses backed by a pumping backing track and the use of some very unusual props.

If you’re looking to wow your audience with an incredible edge of your seat cultural magic performance, then our quick-change act is exactly what you need. This is an exhilarating quick-change act performed by a superbly talented illusionist and their wonderful assistants. The powerful magic performance is fast paced, energetic and leaves audiences dumbfounded as to how it is even possible. It may be a short performance or a long one, but one that will leave a lasting impression on the spectators.

Drama Factory brings this world-renowned performance to your doorstep. Our spectacular magic performance involves a stupendous and imaginative quick-change act that sees the performers quickly and magically change into new costumes within seconds. The shows include dramatic reveals with confetti bursting out as the next traditional oriental costume comes to light. The performance is flawlessly executed right in front of your audience's eyes and captivates the viewer with shock and amazement.Our illusionist delivers a high quality magic performance with a variety of colourful traditional oriental costumes.

There are some special acts as well. The quick-changeperformers offer a James Bond themed routine based on the world-famous spy as well. This highly sophisticated routine involves the use of some smoke canon and pyrotechnics. It is a big extravaganza suitable, not only for James Bond themed events but, for high end parties and functions. Contact Drama Factory for a spectacular night. We are among the best in the business of entertainment. All our services are available at the best prices. Hope to have a long and fulfilling relation with you. Call us now!

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