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Piano Player in Delhi

A piano is an exotic instrument which has a place of its own in people’s hearts. It is the centre of attention at any event. People flock to see the professional pianist in action, working her way through the music. A piano player is meticulous, savvy has his/her own charm. Theyperform a wide variety of styles of music including their own arrangements of jazz and popular songs. Our artists have found great success and personal satisfaction using their music to help others celebrate important milestones.

Drama Factory specialises in collaborating with great pianists who can bring the glamour and life to any event. Our artists have performed all over the world to large gatherings and received recognition and acclaim. They know how to captivate crowds with exactly the right kind of music. Their tunes are exemplary, and they get attention of all – from the young to the old. All of them are popular & in demand pianists who perform beautiful background music perfect for your event. Specialising in jazz standards & modern-day chart hits, theyare extremely talented, cool & contemporary. Their repertoire is extremely vast and consists of just about anything you can think of from Boogie Woogie to Rachmaninov! They are versatile and lively musicians who always givea smile.

With the ability to turn their fingers to almost any style of music, our pianists offer a wide selection of tunes from every genre in their repertoire. Whatever tone you’d like to set at your exclusive private event, a professional pianist will have the perfect music to fit.Again, both male and female solo singer-pianists are captivating performers that can sing along when they’re playing the piano.

Whether you require the services of a solo-pianist or a group meant for a large gathering, we have the artists you need. Contact us now for a wonderful experience which you will remember for a long time. Drama Factory is your go to solution for all entertainment needs. We are among the best in the business today. With a huge list of artists, you will surely meet your exact match!

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