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Lollipop Girls

Lollipop Girls

Lollipop girls or Candy girls are attractive performers who entertain crowds in different events. Drama Factory provides a plethora of girls who are attractive, professional and talented and who can serve as the best Lollipop Girls. They serve in weddings, private events and even bachelor parties. Our fabulous girls are available as fantastic service or entertainment additions to your event. Delivering an exceptional service with a smile is exactly what these girls is all about and guests love the novelty of service.

The Lollipop Girls are a brilliant booking for meet and greet to serve guests drinks as they enter your event and their six-foot diameter, they sure won't be missed. The brilliant Lollipop Girls are extremely versatile. Not only can they be booked for serving a variety of drinks, cocktails, hors-d'oeuvres, desserts or corporate gifts and branded giveaways, but the strolling girls are also available as interactive games such as poker table, fortune teller giving psychic readings and much more.

Their charming personalities and their inviting smiles will make your guests feel welcome and comfortable around them. Our food and drink hostesses can be stationed at the entrance of your event to offer people a warm welcome and also something to eat or drink before the party starts.During the evening, these friendly foodsa drink hostess will roam around interacting with your guests and inviting them to try some delicious cocktails, bubbling champagne or some tasty snacks and sweet treats. Always happy to talk, our roaming canapé girls can share a nice conversation and some laughs with your guests.

On top of that, these sophisticated women offer a fantastic photo opportunity. Their beautiful costumes and gorgeous hair accessories will make people queue up to take a picture with one of these friendly and smiley ladies.Creating a wonderful atmosphere at any kind of event, the girls will become a hit with the guests. There are multiple variations of the Lollipop Girls that you can choose from and a vast collection of themes and costumes. Custom themes can also be created especially for your event.

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