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Live Water Human Fountain

A live human fountain act is an eye catching and enthralling act performed at weddings and other private parties. It consists of a mesmerising artist standing as a statue with water flowing from all parts of her body. It is a foreign act which has recently come to India. With time it has gained prominence and many events now feature this act. Drama Factory brings this extremely versatile and entertaining act to your doorstep. We employ numerous such artists who can ensure you have an amazing night.

The history of Live Human Fountain is long and something to take note of - they've been a form of entertainment for at least a hundred years and probably a lot more. They were, and still are, often used to recreate the pose of a famous, iconic statue. They have always entertained guests at different functions. Live Human Fountainprovides a stunning visual spectacle, perfect for creating a glamorous atmosphere at a variety of events, whether weddings, garden party, birthday party, corporate event, and exhibition- the list is endless. It has really been received well and guests clamour to see the artist perform.

This beautiful Live Human Fountain is a picturesque and serene goddess type character, which creates a completely unique spectacle. She is dressed in a beautiful elegant white dress, covered in sparkling crystals and can have multi-coloured lights projected onto her to create a fascinating vision. She emits different lights to create a rainbow effect. She dances standing in her position and makes different shapes with her body. She may even pose like the statue of liberty. It is a stunning visual spectacle, perfect for creating a glamorous atmosphere.

Drama Factory brings this great act to your doorstep at the best price! Live Human Fountain can provide still water entertainment, or can dance with the water, creating a truly unusual and unique focal point, that will have all of your guests talking about your event for years to come.We provide artists depending on your needs. Our artists take special requests as well, and will ensure the performance is up to the mark. Our team of experienced managers takes care of the event for you and ensure perfection and satisfaction.

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