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Latina Americana Girls Band in Delhi

Drama Factory brings you the services of an exceptional band- one that is renowned and well known the world over. Our Latina American band is that extra spice that any event needs to make it a big hit. We have collaborated with the best in the business. Finding the perfect function band to provide the right kind of live music for your entertainment is something we at Scarlett Entertainment are pleased to help you with. Having raised the bar to a high level, this awesome party band have already entertained guests at more than 300 shows in India.

Our superb party band are a group of talented musicians of Cuban nationality now based in New Delhi. This dynamic function band are guaranteed to get the party started. Their lively and energetic performance consist of a mixture of Salsa and Latin music. With its infectious rhythms, summery vibes and happy go lucky charm, Salsa and Latina music is superb guest entertainment. This genre of live music will get audiences out of their seats and in a dancing mood.

The talented musicians in our function band play the flute, saxophone, guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. The energy driven live music is driven not only by their skills as musicians but also by their lively stage presence. Their repertoire is a mix of Salsa and Latina music old and new. From old classics to radio hits we all know. Their performance is primarily instrumental, but they do also have some vocals in some of the songs.Being an exceptional party band, they also have a large repertoire of Bollywood songs which they can intertwine into their set.

Always a hit when they perform on home turf!Our Cuban function band ready to entertain at any kind of gathering or event. Whether it’s Indian or international guests the band has absolutely right kind of music and repertoire for all kind of age groups and all nationalities. They can judge the atmosphere in the crowd and vary the live music to get the mood right. They deliver high quality shows and always exceed the expectations of the audience.

Contact Drama Factory for the best performers at the best prices. We are among the best artist management companies. We hire the best artist from all over the world for our esteemed customers. We hope you have the best of times at our event!

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