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International Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders are a sight to watch not just in sporting events, but in corporate sports meets as well. Drama Factory provides top class cheerleaders who will engage crowds and will increase the confidence and spirit of people all around.

Book our event cheerleaders for exciting routines, vibrant uniforms and captivating personalities that add a new and thrilling dynamic to every occasion. Whether you are hosting a corporate event, fundraiser, sporting event or if you’re looking for your next idea for an advertising campaign or music video, our cheerleaders are the way to go.

With stunt groups, pom dancing, cheering and high energy routines, these cheerleaders have wowed hundreds of audiences from performing Sport to cheering on the athletes and more, these energetic performers ensure that everyone is having a fantastic time.What is more, our event cheerleaders can customise their look to suit your event, whether its wearing branded clothing or dressing to complement your colour scheme or theme our cheerleaders are dedicated to providing entertainment that is of the highest quality.

Our fantastic and bubbly spirited cheerleaders are sure to bring the wow factor to your event as they provide an amazing live dance show, filled with high energetic dance routines that showcase our cheerleading experience. Your guests are bound to fall head over heels for our beautiful professional dancers as they perform a variety of incredible moves and high-flying antics, putting together a phenomenal performance that will leave a lasting impression. Sensational costumed performers that are highly likable, full of energy, and simply amazing to interact with, your guests will turn heads their heads for our cheerleaders.

Guaranteed to leave every guest with a smile on their face these thrilling cheerleaders will excite audiences of all ages and boast a dynamic act that is full of energy and exciting to watch. Our cheerleaders can be booked for ambient sets whether its cheering on a sports team or runners after they have completed their challenge, or performing a full stage show complete with stunts and routines, or to pose for photos and mingle with guests – our cheerleaders offer a diverse performance that is suitable for all events.

Contact Drama Factory for the best cheerleaders who will make your event a big hit. We offer the most affordable prices, much lower than your expectations. Contact us for the best experience of your life!

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