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Hula Hoop Dancers

Many events these days have become boring and nondescript. There is no interest among guests. We need entertainment that attracts huge crowds which can make people amazed. Book your Hula Hoop performer for LED corporate entertainment and versatile hula hoop acts. With various themes available including LED hoops and a broad range of costumes, this act is innovative product launch entertainment, perfect for parties of all descriptions.

Combining their hula hoop act with visual art and motion graphics, our hoop dancer is adept at experiment with multi-genre possibilities and is guaranteed to create spellbinding work for your event. Their costumes are innovative and eye-catching, while her acts are perfect for a diverse range of performance spaces. Customisation options are available with LED hoops which can be branded. Whether you are throwing a new year’s bash and want something really impressive to get your guests more animated than they’d usually be, or whether you want something truly eye-catching for your product launch, or whether you’re keening to make an impression on delegates at a branded conference, there is little better than this accomplished hula hoop act.

Wearing great costumes and involving a number ofdancers, our shows are a spectacular treat. In one version, they employ UV hoops and glowing costumes, and tells stories through dance and the amazing hula hoop tricks they have spent their lifetime perfecting. This generates an amazing and colourful visual display that will dazzle audiences. We are able to have multiple hoops spinning on different body parts, the act cleverly incorporates dance and music to bring you the most visually exciting hoop act you’ve seen. Their detailed act and committed professionalism make an ideal act to book, while their flexibility and dance choices make their hula hoop tricks look impressive and effortless.Demonstrating a perfectly combined fusion of dance and traditional hula hooping, our highly skilled hula hoop performers typically performs with many hoops at once, effortlessly looping hoops across arms, legs, waist, and hands creating captivating memories for guests.

A versatile circus performer that works everyday honing their skills to bring new and vibrant moves to audiences worldwide. Our hula hoop circus act is ideal for corporate events, ceremonies, private parties, and more. Guests will love our hula hoopers' graceful moves, elegant personality, and thrilling tricks. Contact us for an experience you will remember for a long time!

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