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Flying Violinist

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What’s better than a trained and professional violinist playing at your event? A violinist who does acrobats as well. A flying violinist is not just a performer, he’s an entertainer as well. He knows exactly what makes your event a grand success. It is a new form of art that has taken the entertainment industry by storm. Drama Factory is one of the few artist management companies in the world which can arrange the performance exclusively just for you. We are in touch with the best exponents of the art who perform all over the world. They are among the best at what they do. These are professional artists who wear all the required safety equipment to perform. We arrange all the concerned equipment for them. This include the violin, specialised helmets and the event dress code.

Flying violinist is an entirely new concept that has come up since 2011, It has turned the violin world literally upside down when the first violinists started to play upside down and fly through the air. This unusual combination of flying stunts and virtuoso musicianship captured the attention of the world. London, Delhi, Seoul, Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Edinburgh, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Taipei and every major capital of Australia has seen the helmet clad, flying violinist wow audiences with his off-the-wall performance style, and his unique take on some well-known classical pieces.

We have become quite bored with those old and frequent performances. Many of our customers want to see something new and exciting. A flying violinist is the best performance for those looking to add that extra spice to their event.During their acts, they play their violin live at all angles. The light comes on and the artist and violin rise slowly in the air. They float while playing. Only pure sounds and perfect movements. And all this in the utmost heights of your location. They emit a sensuous charm with graceful movements on the ground and in the air.

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