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Fire Jugglers For Hire in India

Fire jugglers are a world-renowned act common to many theatre events. Drama Factory brings the exuberance and the excitement of the act to your doorstep. We are a diverse artist management group which knows how to attract big crowds. Our artists have performed the world over to rapturous applause and appreciation. Through demonstrations, this fire performer is able to deliver some truly red-hot entertainment to you and your guests.

Our Fire Jugglers has not only spent years carefully crafting his skills as a fire entertainer, but he has also designed and made some of his own totally unique props. These pioneering fire props bring a new element of fire entertainment to your event with a display that your guests will have not seen before. This is what makes the act so unique. Our magnificent jugglers will turn up the heat at your event with their tantalising fire show and they are more than likely to have your guests hot under the collar. With the choice of multiple performers, you’ll be able to entice your guests with blistering bespoke shows or scorching meet and greet acts.

Delivering a high impact and visually captivating themed fire performance, the performers will transport your guests to an exotic world with stunning bright colours, energetic dance choreographies and flaming delights. They are able to give any audience a taste of one of India’s most recognised cultures.Cross-referencing international influences with fire traditions, the fire shows are bursting with excitement and visually captivating flame swoops and bursts of fire. Audiences are positively stunned as he delivers high impact routines using fire props such as poi, chain staff, dragon staff, katana as well as incredible fire manipulation.

If you wish to add something of yours, don’t hesitate in asking us. The Fire Performer offers customisable fire shows where he will perform specially choreographed routines has a choice of Oriental outfits to choose from. Available for indoor or outdoor events, the Fire Performers uses special fuel for indoor performances that generate less smoke and smell.

Drama Factory provides only the best artists for all its event. We charge the most affordable prices so that you keep coming back for more entertainment. We have the best performers in the world, who have the experience and the skill to captivate audiences for long periods of time. Here’s hoping to have a long and satisfying relationship with you !

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