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Female Promoters in Delhi

Many events have all elements of being a great event. They have the facilities, the right motive, a great product and even great people. But, a necessity that they lack is promotion. If your event doesn’t reach a large base of people, it will not be talked about by them. An unpopular and faded event is as good as a failure. Our female promoters ensure that does not happen.

We, at Drama Factory can transform your event into a popular celebration. We can ensure it is up there with all other big events of the city. We are responsible for marketing and creating an interest in your live event. We pay attention at the whole event and help you take your best foot forward. We build a solid reputation for you. We set schedules, track your costs and ensure you perform exceptionally well on the D-day. Our forte lies in your imagination; our specialisation does not know any limitation. We contact advertising agencies and interact with customers and vendors on your behalf. We develop marketing plans to cover all avenues for promotions. We ensure ticket sales are in large numbers and help you increase your revenue. We take all the risks for you to ensure your event is a big success.

Drama Factory provides complete assistance from conceptualization to implementation of promotional designs. We have a highly dedicated and professional team of event promoters who take care of every step in the process. They have years of industry experience in making events a big hit. We offer promise of premium quality in promotions. The In-house production and design teams are adept at understanding and designing different avenues for making your event a big success. Drama Factory team gives fast and efficient results. A maximum 24 hr turnaround time to reach a wide base of people. We also provide cost effective event planning and execution. This ensure you get what you pay for. Our motto is adhering to timelines and providing tailor-made services to all our clients.

All types of live performances, sporting events, product launches, conferences are our forte. We have delivered the best results on numerous occasions. while our team of bright, talented people has continued to grow, and our office has expanded, that singular goal remains unchanged years later. Our team is passionate about our purpose, and obsessed with innovation.Drama Factory ensures you are satisfied with how your event panned out.

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