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Cello Player in Delhi

Drama Factory brings you the most revered and exquisite performance of them all-the performance of an international, widely acclaimed and talented cello player.

Cello Player is a treat to watch for the young and old alike. They hold the audience’s attention for a long period of time with their elegance and mastery over their skill. They are great in demand for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their events. We are immensely delighted to bring their services to you. Their performances are rarity and to experience them in India is a treat indeed. We are one of the very elite and resourceful event organisers who have partnered with such artists to bring them to you.

Talented and versatile. These are the two best adjectives to describe our Cello Player, an extraordinary musician who has plenty of experience delighting listeners at numerous events with both classical and electric cello music.Academically trained, this modern violin player has both a classical and contemporary repertoire. Fully customisable, her set lists can be adapted to suit your specific needs and fit your occasion. From the beautiful and soft melodies of Vivaldi to the explosive rhythms of Amici, this versatile artist can play it all!Our modern cello player offers both roaming performances and stage shows. Happy to share the limelight with other artists, she always welcomes the opportunity to ask other performers such as DJs to join her for some performances.

If you wish to set a relaxed ambience to your event and make your guests feel at home, you should definitely avail the performance of cello artists. We have links with experts in this field to ensure you have a wonderful evening.There are the options of a solo artist or a group of artists and you can choose what you like according to the strength of the crowd and the magnitude of your event. One thing is for sure-The quality of the performance will never be compromised.

You shouldn’t waste any more time. Contact us and we will take care of everything else. It will be an event your guests will talk about for ages. In your happiness lies our satisfaction. Our cello player is happy to collaborate with other artists as well. Do let us know of the venue and time and we arrange the rest.

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