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Carnival Dancers For hire in India

Drama Factory brings you the best of the South American dance which has followers all over the world. It has garnered fame and admiration all over India recently. It is staple of celebration, of excitement and joy- The Samba dance represents the best talent all over the country.

Bring the colour and energy of Rio de Janeiro to your upcoming celebration by booking these dynamic Samba Dancers, a Brazilian dance group that will perform a vibrant roaming carnival act at your party and will put everybody in the party mood. Led by an experienced dancer and choreographer with both academic and professional experiences, this Brazilian dance group is guaranteed to transform your event into a real carnival fiesta. Wearing their characteristic sparkly feather headdresses and outfits, these energetic performers will have stepped into your venue and liven up your party.

Always wearing a big smile, our performers will roam around your venue dancing and inviting people to join the fun. Our dancer’s infectious energy, extraordinary dynamism and signature dance moves will rock your party and make everybody feel like dancing. One and up to 30 performers are available for performances throughout India and all around the world. Besides a carnival roaming act, our samba dancers can also offer a one-hour performance with many costume changes. Either way, this Brazilian dance show is carnival experience that your guests will never forget.

With great passion, this versatile dance performer merges two different styles and cultures. Her exotic costumes are the perfect combination between tribal belly dance and carnival costumes. Our energetic belly dancer’s beautiful outfits, infectious energy and passion for dancing will get people talking about your event for years to come. Brazilian themed entertainment in general and this roaming carnival act in particular can be suitable for a wide range of occasions. Our Brazilian dance group has performed at numerous private and birthday parties, themed events, weddings, festivals, nightclubs and many other celebrations.

Contact Drama Factory for the best performers, who will take the stage alight with their superlative energy and capacity to attract huge crowds. We wish you would have an amazing time at our event. Samba is a dance which brings together many artists and is a must see for you. Call us now and we will take care of the rest for you. You need not worry about anything.

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