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African Acrobats

Many events require an exotic touch to become popular. Everyone has see the usual performers go about their way. But eyes yearn for something different, out of the box. African acrobat’s performance provides us that. They are fiercely trained athletes who know how to draw large crowds. World renowned for their performance, they have recently come to India to showcase their talent. They perform all kinds of stunts using specialised equipment’s. They come with a strict don’t try at home warning.

Drama Factory brings their performance to you so that you can have the time of your life. Amaze your guests at your upcoming event or special occasion with this sensational African Acrobatic Group, skilled acrobats and circus entertainers who will cause jaws to drop with incredible acrobatic stunts!Our African acrobats love performing for both small and large audiences. Their high-impact circus acrobatic show is loved by both children and adults alike who keep clamouring for more. A show that involves incredible stunts, contortion, bowl spinning and mind-blowing tricks with fire!

They come with the safety precautions and ensure perfection in their performance. Highly skilled and energetic, our circus acrobatic troupe always manages to have their audience on the edge of their seats and completely astounded by their skills. Our African circus entertainers’ versatility, diverse acts and infectious energy make them a great option for all events. On top of that, they can wear traditional African costumes or something more contemporary to fit in with your event dress code. We have various African circus entertainers at your disposition. Available in a number of different line-ups, one acrobat or the entire group can perform their full circus acrobatic show or separate acts at your event, depending on availability and requirement.

We bring their services to you at the most affordable price. Suitable for a wide range of occasions, our African circus entertainers are guaranteed to be the highlight of any festival, gala, ceremony, corporate event, etc. Happy to adapt their circus acrobatic show to your event needs, our performers will customise their routines and adapt them to any performance space available, both indoors and outdoors.

Contact us for great performances on demand. We offer special discounts for early bookings. We make sure that the performance runs off smoothly. Our team manages the whole event and takes care of any request you have. Wishing you the best of times!

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